Friday, November 16, 2012

Serenity Now ~ with Grace Grits and Gardening

Inspiration Cafe would like to welcome back Talya, from Grace Grits and Gardening for:

Serenity Now

I turned fifty last July. That's fifty times around the sun... Let that sink in for a moment.

In one day the average adult heart beats over 120,000 times. In fifty years, it beats ALOT–more math than I care to do. Definitely not something to take for granted... 

I feel better at fifty than forty. I attribute this in part to yoga. The gifts of yoga extend well beyond flexibility, toning, balance and strength. Its benefits include enhanced focus and creativity, lowered blood pressure and less anxiety. Yoga enhances heart health.

My favorite pose in yoga class is final savasana—Corpse Pose. Lying flat, feet relaxed, breath long, posturing the mind and body to imitate a corpse. A non-yogi may be skeptical, but if you practice, you understand. 

There was a time not that very long ago, corpse pose was the most difficult for me. I found it unnerving to lie still and let go. I should be doing something. So I took the opportunity during final savasana to mentally review my to-do list—crunch numbers for a loan application, call a customer, run by the grocery store, schedule a hair appointment, blah blah blah... Serenity Now!!!

Within only a few weeks, final savasana became the most beneficial part of my yoga practice. Letting every muscle in the body melt into the floor, freeing the mind to witness thoughts instead of thinking thoughts. Not awake, not asleep. Still and quiet for fifteen minutes or so—just being.

With the firmness of the earth beneath me, I feel my body relax and flatten into my mat. A wood flute plays softly in the background. The clock ticks rhythmically. Inside, energy from the class fills the room. Outside, the autumn leaves stir and traffic whirs beyond —busy people, a busy world. For a few moments, I luxuriate within my tiny spot. My mind empties, clearing space to think and create. Serenity now...

Then, back to writing.


My favorite yoga studios...

1949 Green Acres
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72703

6337 Prospect
Dallas, Texas 75214

Frank Costanza: Serenity Now! Serenity Now!
George Costanza: What is that?
Frank Costanza: The doctor gave me a relaxation cassette. When my blood pressure gets too high, the man on the tape tells me to say Serenity Now!
George Costanza: Are you supposed to yell it? 
Frank Costanza: The man on the tape wasn't specific.    (Seinfeld)

***A Big Thanks to Talya, from Grace Grits and Gardening, for sharing her experience with yoga and reminding us of some important things during this busy holiday season!*** 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Hugs from the Ladies of Inspiration Cafe


  1. I'm sure retiring from the bank didn't hurt! I'm gonna try it one day


  2. We love our T! Such an inspiring writer and yogi! xoxo

  3. Hi Talya,

    I have been told by my sister, sister-in-law, Doctor and so many others, how beneficial yoga can be to your health. I think your post finally has me motivated to give it it try. I just hope I can quiet my's very busy and noisy! Maybe yoga will quiet it down. :)

    This is such a wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing it here, at Inspiration Cafe - such a treat!

    Oh, and I plan on using your wine/turkey recipe for Thanksgiving!!!
    Thank you!!!

  4. Talya, I can just see myself lying on the floor going through MY to-do list when I should be melting and thinking about nothing! Oh my goodness! I love exercise...running, strength training, cardio, but I haven't exercised my ability to let go of everything. That is something I really want to try! I have a yoga story CD that I do with my preschoolers and they LOVE IT! Thanks so much for sharing here at IC again!

    1. You should definitely give it a try. Especially if you work with preschoolers! lol

  5. Talya I think this is the perfect time for this information! I'll be happy for a little pre-holiday destressing!!

    1. We all need calm this time of year:) Thanks for reading...

  6. Talya I remember doing this pose many many many years ago - yet I've forgotten all about it....and most of my yoga to be honest. Thank you for this - with 3 kids it seems like I never have quite - and I need a reminder to actually slow it all down and be calm. xx Nat

  7. Today I attended a more advanced class. I did side crane post for a split second. And I got into headstand. It felt good to try.

  8. You've convinced me. I'll give this yoga stuff a try :)