Monday, August 6, 2012

Quilted Wall Hanging

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I hope you all had a great weekend, now its time to settle down with your favourite cuppa and enjoy another dose of Inspiration Cafe....
Thanks for visiting the Inspiration Cafe this week.  It's Heather (your sewing guide), back for my turn to show you what I've got percolating this week. 
One of my favorite things about sewing, is being inspired by something and then making it my own.  My family room is sorely in need of...I wouldn't say redecorating so much as I would say...decorating.  On one wall, we have...a big screen TV.  That's it.  It needs something...almost anything to give it some excitement. This is what I decided would give the room a little...flair.  Go ahead and read what you see here out loud.  It took The Mister a few seconds to get don't worry...just say it.

The Mustache craze that's going around the interwebs right now is my favorite.  So, I  have made it my own.  This project that I'm making isn't just for an experienced sewer or quilter, I am using a technique that any beginner can use with ease. Just ask my Sister.  You just need a special's called fusible interfacing, and it's a miracle product.  You are able to fake applique...and for somebody who actually does applique the traditional way, whenever I use fusible web, I think...Dang, I should only use this.  Please make sure you don't buy heavy fusible web unless that is what you want...which it probably never is  Buy the light weight version.  What's great about this is you can make personalized shirts for you or your kids.  You can make adorable blankets even more adorable.  What about holiday projects...fuhgedaboutit.

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