Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's a Steal! Heather "knocks off" Natalie

Hello!  It's Heather from The Beating Hearth here with you today and I can't wait to be share a little something I whipped up.  It's a project I've been wanting to make for a long time, but didn't really have a need and so I kept it simmering in the back of my mind for a long time.  Well, guess what, I have a need now and am so glad I did a little thieving.

 A couple of weeks ago we started a new series, "It's a Steal"...where we "steal" or 
"knock off" a fellow blogger's idea and show you what we come up with.

 Natalie kicked off the series, knocking off Mary from Sweet Little Bluebird
Then it was Mary's turn and she knocked off Danni from Silo Hill Farm.  
Now it's my turn and I got to steal an idea from Nat from NorthShore Days!

Well, to be fair, I stole two ideas.

Here's Nat's original post: Up-Cycled Painted Tin Cans 

"I love tin cans! I love painting them and storing bits and bobs in them...."

 Now, I cannot compete with her awesomeness.  Give me a pile of fabric and some thread, and I feel fairly competent...some paint, a bucket and embellishments? Completely out of my comfort zone.  So don't judge me too harshly compared to what Nat did, but, I really like what I ended up with.

This is my gardening bucket.  The Mister and I have a deal.  If I pull the weeds, he picks them up.  So typically what happens is, I go on a rampage and there are piles of weeds all over the yard, he comes home after a hard day's work and has to clean up after me.  This bucket may become his new best friend.

First it is going to store my gardening equipment.  I love having my digger, snipper and gloves all in one place, waiting for me to get the gardening urge.

 And second, I might...might think about putting my weeds in the bucket as I go about my gardening duties.

Ummmm...apparently I fancy myself Grounds Keeper of the estate.

I saw these keys at the craft store and thought they would be a fun touch.  So yeah.  Head gardener, and I am off to trim the hedgerows in the secret garden...Downton Abbey may have gone to my head.  At least in my imagination I am not conceited enough to think I'm the Countess or something. I mean, I could have gone out and made a beaded dress and over the top, be feathered head-band instead.

Using copious amounts of super glue, I placed on the twine trim...which I love, and these cute little brads on top of the twine.  I didn't know they were brads when I bought them.  This made gluing them slightly awkward, but I like the effect.  I also attempted to glue myself to...everything.

I love that I took this plain metal bucket, and painted it...yes, school bus yellow.  Look, when I saw the paint can, it looked much more like... warm spring day daffodil yellow....and I have to confess to having a hard time when picking paint colors.  They typically border on cornea searing.  We have learned to take whatever paint color I like...go to the next color down on the paint chip...and reduce it by 50%.

 So, take it from me, it's fun to step outside of your comfort zone and make something you've admired from afar.

I also made Nat's Condensed Milk Cookies 
I mean, who can resist a sweet treat?  Not me...and not my family.

 They were the perfect dunking cookie.  Simple and sweet and oh so yummy.

Thanks Nat for letting me steal your ideas and put my own spin on them.

And everybody, start thinking of who and what you want to knock off, for our next Link Party!   
But be sure to ask permission where necessary and always provide link backs.

Next week it's Danni's turn... 
we are so excited to see what she comes up with!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love the bucket - so practical and cute.

  2. I love the yellow!! It is nice and bright, and you can spot it from across the yard. Any time I pick out a yellow, I always end up with either school bus, big bird or mustard looking projects. I think yellow is the most challenging color, but your bucket is just adorable and I think the color is perfect!!! ~ Amy

  3. I loved Natalie's cans and now I like Heather's version - the keys look just right with the bucket !

    With A Blast

  4. Heather, that bucket is a great knock off project! You've outdone yourself girl...even if you are outside of your own comfort zone. (I sure couldn't tell.) Love the keys too. Groundskeeper of the Estate!!! LOL!! Why not?!! I've wanted to make those cookies ever since Nat posted them and yours look wonderful as well! Nice knock-offs girl! Great pics by the way too!

  5. Love your bucket, and those cookies look amazing! Great knock offs!!

  6. Heather - I absolutely love this. Love the colour, the words, the twine and embellishments- EVERYTHING! Now I need one for myself! Glad you liked the cookies too - I bought a can of condensed milk yesterday to make more this week. You made me so with this post xxxx

  7. I am really loving yellow at the moment - your bucket turned out fab! The cookies look delish too, great knock off :)

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  8. Too cute! I love the sunny yellow bucket and those cookies look scrumptious! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  9. LOve the bucket. As a lover of gardening I enjoy having whimsy outside. This bucket is perfect! Great knock-off!

  10. What a compliment to one's crafting and cooking skills, Heather and Natalie! Knock offs are what we do in the crafting world! Great job!

  11. What an amazing project. Both the original version and your version are just lovely.

  12. I love your knock offs, Heather! That bucket is full of sunshine and just makes you want to play in the dirt! And the cookies...yum! I plan on making those in the very near future! Great post!!!

  13. I need one of those! That is so much nicer than my present method of throwing the gardening tools in a box in the garage.

  14. It's a nice, sunny happy looking bucket. Great work! :)

  15. Heather it's just such a great knock off love it!

  16. What a great idea....both the original and the knock off!!~~ Fun!~~Angela

  17. These turned out GORGEOUS!! LOVE the fun!

  18. That bucket is so adorable. It's fun and whimsical. I love it.