Monday, May 6, 2013


Hi all! I’m Amy. I married and have a son in grad school. I work full time as a billing specialist and blog at StowandTellU on evenings and weekends. I like to write about salvaging old furniture and finds into DIY projects and crafts, but I also add in travel tidbits, ideas on storage, and anything with texture, so come on over anytime, and see what I’m up to

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 I’m thrilled to be contributing today, here at Inspiration Café. I love stopping by to see who’s here, where they’re from and what awesome project or recipe is the newest topic.   strawberry-pot-bling8


As I mentioned, I like to experiment, so I was wondering, are strawberry pots out of style? How about strawberry pot BLING? I can’t help it I still love strawberry pots, even if I haven’t ever been able to grow strawberries in them, although I’m not the greenest of thumbs, either. When my mom passed away last year, I inherited some of her things. A plastic strawberry pot was one of them.


 This was how she had styled it one day as I was stopping by to visit. God love her!!!  


 Last summer I added some ground cover to a clay strawberry pot that I had in my yard. It survived the winter and it still needs some work, but it got me to thinking about what else a strawberry pot could hold, other than strawberries.  


So I pulled out the plastic one from my mother and decided to spruce up. First I gave it a quick rub with Vaseline, and then a coat of bluish DIY chalk paint. I aged it with a bit of Raw Umber craft paint, and then sanded it down a little to bring out the orange. Why did I choose blue?  


I was trying to color co-ordinate with these pretty wire and paper flowers, I suppose.  


 After the paint had dried, I gathered up some garden bling. Since my strawberry pot will be an indoor one, I included some paper bling, too, but if you're going for an outside pot, any kind of ground cover and garden bling should do.  


 I sliced up pieces of flower foam, lined the strawberry pot with a couple layers of plastic bags and filled it to the brim with the foam slices. I added a few dabs of hot glue and then tucked in all the plastic.

   scrapbook paper 

 Next I cut a few pieces of scrapbook paper to match the size of the circles and hot glued the circles down. 


I cut a slit through the paper and the plastic on the top section and began to add tall pieces of greenery.  


 Then I hot glued down some dried moss, added some pieces of trailing type greenery and finally added some glass gems and paper dragonflies.  


If you have any strawberry pots tucked away in your shed because you haven’t been able to get strawberries to grow in them like strawberries should, you can always dazzle your strawberry pots with a little bling, any garden bling will do. Thank you, so much to all the girls from Inspiration Café for having me over, what a fun place to hang out!! 


  1. I have loads of those gems I just love them for so many things. Thanks for such a lovely post xo

    1. Thank you, Mel! It's always nice to show off a little bling here and there. Thank you for having me over!

  2. I love a little bling in a flower pot! I think the blue looks lovely. So clever to keep it light-weight with the foam blocks. I love your paper flowers and they are on my list to try! Thanks for guest posting here at the Cafe today Amy! Hope you'll come back and do it again soon!

    1. Thank you, Danni for the invite and for having me. I love the Cafe, I'll most definitely be back!

  3. What a fun post! I love how these pots turned out. To tell you the truth, I really like strawberry pots too! Thanks for guest posting!

    1. Strawberry pots have such potential! If I could only get strawberries to grow, as they are my favorite fruit!! Thank you for having me, Heather, I always have fun here at the Cafe!!

  4. We used to use them mostly for herbs, they make a great herb garden. But I just love your pot! So unique and very pretty!
    Debbie :)

    1. What a great idea, herbs in a strawberry pot! I'm going to try that this summer!! Thank you, Debbie for stopping by and taking the time to comment! ~ Amy

  5. Hi Amy,

    Your Strawberry Pot turned out so great....I love the color blue you used and the gems are adorable! I love the paper wire flowers too, love how they pop on the fence! Thank you so much for sharing at the Cafe today - so fun having you!

    1. Thank you, Mary, for having me over at the Cafe!! I love hanging out here!

  6. Ooh Amy I love garden bling! What a great idea and wow I love that colour!! It would great in my garden! So glad to have you at the Cafe Amy - please come back again xxx

    1. Bling goes with everything, right!! Thank you, Nat, for having me, I'm thrilled to be here! ~ Amy

  7. Such a pretty little vignette. I am going to be on the lookout for strawberry pots in my travels!