Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sweet Summer Days…The Story of When My Life Began - A Few Miner Adjustments

Today, my friends, I am getting a little personal. I wanted you to get to me a little better, since I have been here for almost a year now. This story inspired the art that now hangs in our bedroom. I hope you like it.

Many love stories start during the sweet summer.
Sweet summer days at the beach.
Sweet summer nights sitting by the camp fire.
Sweet summer evenings on the roof of your favorite fraternity house.
And after a long shift at the shoe store, a thousand years ago at a college far far away, I found myself walking to that fraternity house.
All of my sorority sisters were already there and I could hear them,  but couldn't find them in the giant house.
So, I took my cute-green-tank-top-short-shorts-flip-flop-wearing-self upstairs.
Out the second floor window I saw a ladder leading to the roof.
I chuckled to myself thinking...there is no way that I am climbing up that ladder.
My friends saw me leaning out the window and tried to coax me into climbing up. 
It was tempting and I really did think about it, as I heard that sweet summer laughter, but decided that I would just wait until they all came down.
Then he peered over the edge.
My heart skipped a beat. 
I forgot how to breathe. 
Time stood still.
But still, fear kept me from climbing up the ladder, so, I waited.
After what seemed like hours,  everyone made their way down and came inside to play Foosball.

Then suddenly, as if disappearing before my eyes, my friends were nowhere to be seen; leaving me in that humongous party room with the guy who peered over the edge of the roof.
The music was deafeningly loud when “roof guy” came over and started talking to me.
“What?” I screamed, unexpectedly feeling very self-conscious of what I had picked to wear.
He started talking again.
“What?” I asked, scrunching up my face  as if that would help me hear him better.
{Attractive, I’ know}.
One more time he started talking.
Then the idea hit me….go turn down the music.
Funny thing is, on this sweet summer evening, he was just pretending to talk.
He wasn't saying anything at all… just moving his mouth,  because he also knew the music was way too loud.
Right then and there, through my embarrassment, he made me laugh.   This guy was totally cool. 

Later, on that sweet summer evening,  roof guy saved me from being humiliated by a totally uncool frat boy.
On that sweet summer evening,  roof guy taught me how to play darts our favorite bar.
On that sweet summer evening, I danced with my girls to the song
 “You’re the one that I want.”  

And I knew… I knew he was the one. 
I think it was love at first sight.
That was sixteen years ago.
And every year on these sweet summer days,  I think about meeting my roof guy and I laugh.

P.S. The canvas has been changed a little. 
My story is better than the one shown here. 
Please, come read my story and his story too.


  1. Trina, that was a beautiful story and I'm glad it's a never-ending one!

  2. Oh, I think this is such a nice story. What a fun guy to make you at ease.

    1. He really is fun...especially in the summer when we are not stressed with work!

  3. Loved your sweet made my heart feel happy this morning.

  4. what a sweet story! Thanks for sharing!


  5. What a beautiful story and the way you incorporated that into your decor through a sign is so cool. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Amy! It was fun to make and only took me a year to complete! Ha. I actually had the post written before the art. It is usually the other way around.

  6. I love this post Trina - and I love the canvas too! xxxx

  7. Awww, love your story and it's happy ending, or should I say middle?

    1. How about first 33%? We have been together for 16 years. :)