Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Washi Tape Beach Hat - Stow & Tell U

Hi All, I’m Amy and I blog over at StowandTellU where I share diy projects, furniture and crafts inspired by four of my favorite things: travel, texture, storage and salvage. I am so excited to be posting today for the first time as an official Inspiration Café contributor. I’ve been hanging out at the café for sometime now, and was so honored when the IC girls asked me to come aboard. 

DIY Washi tape beach hat-Stowandtellu 

Today I want to share with you this easy diy washi tape beach hat that came in quite handy a few weeks ago when my family and I took our annual day trip to the Warren Dunes
Puerto Vallarta Straw Hat 

I already had a beach hat of sorts in this straw number I picked up on our trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico a few years ago. The straw hat itself was to my liking, but I must admit, I got caught up in one of those tourist moments when I purchased it. Although I love the Mexican blanket style and would be thrilled to have any of these blankets in my home, the idea of wearing one atop my head just isn’t doing it for me.
Cereal Box 

So I pulled off the blanket style band and started up on making a new band with one of my favorite and free, go-to materials: a used cereal box, 
 Cereal Box strip 

I measured the circumference of the hat, to be sure of the size I would need and cut a strip from the cereal box long enough, and them some. I brushed a coat of white craft paint onto both sides of the card board strip, and then gave it a dry brush coat with off-white paint. I let the paint dry and then added strips of washi tape in black with white polka dot. Laying half the tape on the front side and then wrapping the other half around the back, I added tape to both top and bottom of the strip. I hot glued the card board strip around the hat.  

  Washi tape Beach Hat - Stowandtellu 

 Lastly, I made a flower with coffee filters by folding several layers of filters in half a couple of times, so it looks like a piece of pie. I made three groupings of these. I trimmed off the bottom section of the filters (the pointy part,) and then I hot glued all three groupings together. I then gave it a bit of accent by touching an ink pad (I used both brown and black) to the edges of the coffee filters. I made the flower look all bunchy by crushing the filters ends down until it resembled a flower. The final step was hot gluing the flower to the hat. 
Beach Hat - Washi tape beach hat- StowandTellU
Washi tape beach hat-Stowandtellu

I made this one up in about an hour, and while waiting for my sister to pick me up for our day trip. Easy, peasy, breezy! Just in case you didn’t notice, I took these pics of the washi tape hat while I was at the dunes. If you’re feelin’ beachy, come on by and see the rest of the trip!  

It has been such a pleasure to be here today. Thank you, again to Mary, Nat, Heather, Danni and Mel for having me over and I look forward to being back real soon! ~ Amy @ StowandTellU


  1. Amy that is one fabulous hat! I just tossed one I picked up in the Bahamas and now I wish I hadn't! Love the black and white and the coffee filter flower is lovely! Still can't believe you whipped it all up in an hour and you know I love that you started with a cereal box!

    1. I like to complicate things, so I can't believe I made it in one hour either!! Cereal, not just for breakfast, anymore, huh? Thanks, Danni :)

  2. Such a brilliant idea Amy - I love the transformation xx Nat

    1. Thank you, Nat!! Just in time for summer in your parts :)