Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday Weekly Wrap Up 42

Happy weekend everyone, 
We hope you all had a great fun filled Halloween this week.

Time to catch up on our busy days....

 Heather at The Beating Hearth
Leia...The Reveal
Rebel Insignia....dun, dun, da-dun, dun, da-dun, dun, da-dun.
 See ya All Hallow's Eve...onto turkey time.

Natalie at NorthShore Days
Achieving the Layered Pendant Look

Danni at Silo Hill Farm
How To Freeze Pumpkin

 More Water Less Soda - Without a Fight!

Super Simple Butterfly Clips

Six Scarves To Make As The Weather Cools Down

From our awesome Contributor at The Cafe this week:

Crochet Pumpkin - Mammy Made

It was Mel's turn for the Soups and Sandwiches series this week:

Vegemite - An Australian Icon

It's party time on Monday....Remember to join us!

Have a great weekend

 Nat, Mary, Heather, Danni and Mel
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