Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Guest Room - A Few Miner Adjustments

We have this room.
It is over the garage and according to our blueprints it is called the "bonus room".
We call it something different though.
{Sidebar: I love~hate frogs.
I hate real live frogs.  They terrify me.  We’re talking frozen-in-fear-screaming-at-the-top- of-my-lungs-like-I-am-dying terrified. Their hopping pattern is so do I know it won't jump across my foot?!? But I love frogs. 
Ceramic frogs that your best friend sends to you for your birthday a million years ago to hold the dish sponge, but you take to your classroom to hold post-its and think of her instead.
Anyway, The FROG. It stands for Family Room Over Garage.
Ours is the guest room.
So when the boys asked to decorate last week, I said yes. A thousand times yes. However, it was a little too early for me to have Christmas downstairs. So we took it to the FROG.

The theme: Frogs. Kids and Christmas cards.
My friends send out the loveliest Christmas cards.  Maybe people keep them through the season and then recycle them on January 1st.
But I, I think they are too special to toss.  So I keep them. And then I think, what can I do with these?
Make a few Miner adjustments and decorate a tree of course.
This year’s tree dons last year’s Christmas cards.
I smiled from ear to ear as I fit those cards in and the boys buzzed around hanging their ornaments. Mostly, too close to each other, but they are happily hanging there. This is their tree after all. Our guests will love the warmth this tree brings to the room. And the added "bonus"….there are no actual frogs hopping around.  No one wants to hear me scream.


  1. What a beautiful room! I love the idea of using last years cards for this years tree! I also love that you call it the frog room! too funny!

    1. Thank you, Danni! It actually wasn't our idea to call it the FROG. I believe that is what they call them in the South and we liked the sound of it.

  2. I love your frog room, but I love frogs too. I know your fear well though as I am TERRIFIED of mice. Your tree is so cute and such a good idea to decorate for guest!!

    1. Funny, I am not afraid of mice. So we would make a good exterminating team ;)

  3. ..... and I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas!!

  4. Just amazing Trina!!! Merry Christmas hunni xxxx

  5. That's gorgeous! I love how simple it is and clean and inviting!

    1. Thank you, Laura. That is lovely compliment!