Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Junkin Jewels - Snow Globes!

What a thrill it is to be here at the Inspiration Cafe!!  This is my first time being a guest blogger. So I hope I don't disappoint!

First of all let me introduce myself;  My name is Denise and I am a part of the "Junkin Jewels" series, here on the second Tuesday of the month....(Just love that name).  

Anyway, I blog over at Spittin Toad, so hop on over and see what my blog is all about (because even I haven't figured that out)  :) 
With that being said I had a tough time deciding what to share with you all....Snow Globes, Junky lamps or the TV we turned into a Fish Tank...

In the end the Snow Globes won out...After all "Tis the Season"!
Not to mention we had such a great time making them.  :)
I'm hoping this will inspire some of you to have your own creative little party!!
So lets get started;

The first thing I did was gather materials....
It was kind of like Christmas threw-up on my table...But who knew what this creative group of friends would need.....
Jars and snow and trees and....

Glitter and little ornaments both from the Dollar Store and garage sales....
Some of the trees I bleached some I did not...

It was so fun to see the different designs everyone came up with!!

Jessie put glitter on a reindeer (that was once a cupcake topper) by first coating it with watered down glue and then covering it in glitter...

She then glued it onto a delightful little dish from the Good Will...
added the tree and some snow and then placed a plain glass jar on top....
Added a ribbon, a pink poinsettia and she was done...Easy Peasy!!
Don't cha just love the combination of pink and green??

Gillian placed a Snowman in a tall canister adding some sheet music for the back ground....
Although the photo's don't show it well there is also a sparkly snowflake behind the little man...

Here's some of the girls showing off  their globes...

Isn't it amazing how uniquely different they all are?
Kory's is so sweet and tiny..

Gillian has her jar standing upright and Savannah painted a window on her's and had a little fire place, presents and a tree in it.  (I'm so sorry I didn't get a better picture of that one)!!   

I love the little red pom-poms going around the one above...
Autumn placed her jar on a vintage pedestal dish after painting Happy Holidays on it...

I set mine on it's side...

So...What do ya think...Did you get some ideas??

I hope so!!

I also made a Snow Globe Cake out of a fish bowl...but that's a story for another time!!  :)

Thanks for having me!



  1. How fun! I love them all! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Denise, what delightful snowglobes! What a wonderful idea to have a decorating party to create them. Interesting you made one to sit on its side. I think the Snowman with the sheet music is my favorite - I do love a handsome snowman. A snowglobe on a cake !?! That will be an interesting post.

    1. Thanks Donna, We had so much fun making them...It was interesting to see what everyone came up with!! Don't I have a talented group of friends!? :)

  3. These are just beautiful! I definitely want to make these...next year. :)

    1. You should!! We made them on Black Friday instead of fighting the crowds....I think I'll do some sort of crafting party next year too! :)

  4. These are all so cute, It looks like the best part was how everyone got to experiment to make their very own. I love the little glittery reindeer and your sideways truck globe, and your globe cake, too!! Definitely some great ideas, thanks Denise

    1. Thank you Amy...It was fun to see the designs happen!! I think the glittery reindeer is my favorite but shhh don't tell anyone. :)

  5. Denise these are just amazing!!!! Wow! Thank you so much for being our guest this week - awesome post xx Nat

    1. Thank you Natalie, it was my pleasure!!! You Rock!!

  6. wow they turn out so beautifully! great idea!


  7. I love these! I will definitely be trying these out. Thanks for the inspiration. Talya
    Grace Grits and Gardening

  8. These look like so much fun! Looks like you had a blast making them too! The moose one is very cool! I need to look for some small animals!