Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Have you ever wanted to write a guest post, but really had no idea how it all works?  Are you intimidated by the process?  Do  the words HTML send shivers down your spine? 
If you are looking to grow your blog, guest posting is one of the greatest and easiest ways to get exposure and maybe even pick up some new followers.  Guess what?  If you are already writing a blog, 90% of the guest posting process is already taken care of.  Now let's see if I can eliminate your fears regarding the other 10%.

Probably one of the most important things about guest posting is making sure you know what the person you are going to post for wants.  
  • Do they want a fresh new post that has never been published before?  Or perhaps an older post is acceptable.
  1.  Either way, you want to make sure you bring your A-game to the table.  If they want a fresh, unpublished post, make sure you have time to do a nice job before you accept.  
  2. If an older post is O.K., you'll want to go back in and freshen it up a little.  (I am appalled at some of my first posts, but they can easily be spiffed up if needed, now that I am a little bit more experienced.)
  • Do they have a specific deadline for receiving the post?
  1. Anyone who is asking for a guest post, will be able to tell you what date they need it by.  Again, you want to make sure you have time to do a nice job.   
  • Do they have a specific topic in mind?
  1. If their blog is entirely about cooking and recipes, then you want to make sure you write a post accordingly.  Many blogs are a good mix of everything, including DIY, Crafting, Home Decor, Cooking, Book Review, etc.  Take a minute before you respond and look around at their blog.  Make sure it's the kind of blog you want to do a guest post for.  
  • Will they be introducing you to their readers? 
  1. Either they're going to do it or you're going to do.  One way or the other, you need an introduction.  The basics of that are, that you are respectfully (happy, glad, thrilled, honored,etc.) to be guest posting at their blog today. Now, here is a HUGE opportunity to promote yourself to a whole slew of new readers.  You want them to know who you are, where you blog and what your blog is about.  A picture of yourself or your blog button is perfectly acceptable in your introduction.
At this point, you are ready to write your post.  If you are nervous about it, you can fall back on the old "Public Speaking Rule" of tell them what you're going to talk about, then talk about it, then tell them what you've told them (wrap it up).  So easy.
Once you have written your post, please, please, please, proof read it and spell check it.  Then save it as a draft. 

Now you are ready to email the HTML to the person you are guest posting for.  Do not be intimidated by this.  It's a piece of cake.  Go to the post and click edit post. See in the upper left hand corner of your post screen (on blogger) where it says "Compose"?  See the other button next to it that says HTML? Click on that.  It will look like a bunch of gobbledy-gook.  That's the HTML code. It even includes the code for the pictures, although you can't see them.  
Copy it and paste it into the body of an email to send to the person you are posting for.  In the subject line of the email, just put, "Guest post from.....", whatever your blog is called.   
That's it, you have done it!!   It wasn't that hard!!

If you are skeptical, like I was the first time I did it, you can "test" it before you email it.  Just copy and paste the HTML into a new post on your own blog. (Be sure you paste it in the "HTML" part and not the "Compose" part. Then click on compose and Voila!  You should be able to see what the person you emailed it to will see. Just don't publish it!  

Now just a few last words on guest posting etiquette 
  • It is proper to thank your host at the beginning and the end of your post.
  • It is perfectly OK to invite their readers to stop by your blog sometime and be sure to put a link to your blog so they know how to find you.
  • It is proper etiquette to post a teaser(a picture of your project or recipe) and a link to the hosts blog, on your own blog saying that you are guest posting over at "XXX" today, on the day that your guest post is to appear on the hosts blog.  It's nice, because she is sharing her readers with you that day and you are returning the favor by sending your readers to her blog.  Does that make sense?
  • You may want to verify the time zone difference and adjust your teaser post that day accordingly.  If you post at 7 a.m. on the east coast and are sending your readers to a  west coast blog, guess what?  Your post may not be up on their page yet, when your readers go there and your readers may not check back later.
  • Most hosts/hostesses, would prefer that you not post the guest post on your own blog until a week has passed.  When you do re-post it on your own blog, be sure to take the introduction of yourself out (if you wrote one) before you post.  
That's really all there is to guest posting.  I promise if you do it once or twice, you will never be afraid of it again.  (You may be a little nervous, but not afraid!)  So get out there and give it a try!  The beauty of guest posting is, that you may want some guest posters for your own blog some day and most good hosts will be happy to return the favor!  

If you're ready to give this a try, Inspiration Cafe  is thrilled to be your "first guest post" blog.  We'll be more than happy to give you a hand if you have any questions or if there is something here you didn't quite understand.  Just let us know! 
Have a lovely day! 



  1. I have done a guest post before, but wasn't required to change it to HTML...but now I know I could if I needed to. Thanks Danni!

  2. Wow! Thanks for these tips. They are extremely helpful!

  3. Is very interesting your blog and beautiful, congratulations. Besos desde España.

  4. Full of great and helpful info, Danni!

  5. This is a great post, full of very useful information. I've never guest posted before, but have thought about it. I don't know if I'm ready...too nervous of making a fool of myself. lol But I'll be saving this post for reference when I am. Thanks for the info!
    Debbie :)

  6. Thank you! I'm a new blogger.I was just asked to guest post for the first time. I was very nervous until I read your post. Thanks again.