Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Organization 101: a place for everything

We're wrapping up the organization 101 series today.

Mrs. Hines Class
  Last week we got out our three boxes labeled: trash, donate and keep. Now that we've tossed stuff in the trash and taken trips to the donation center, it's time to deal with the keep pile. Where do we keep it? How do we store it? Well, to determine that, you need to consider a few things:

 1. Who uses the item? 
 2. What function does it serve? 
 3. In which space of the house does it belong? 
 4. How often do we use/need this item?

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 The answers to number 1 and 2 will determine the answer to number 3. And the answer to number 4 will help you decide whether to store you things in a closet, on a shelf, or in a drawer and if it should be stored out of the way or within easy reach.

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 When we put everything back in place, we want it to be in order. You can use baskets, bins, boxes, or whatever you have on hand to corral your belongings. After living with your new organizational system for a while, you will learn what works and what doesn't. With any organization system, maintenance is required.

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 I end up tweaking and reorganizing every year, but it's less of an overhaul each time. I stick with what works and change what doesn't. There's no need to keep the shoe rack on the floor if no one is going to put their shoes away.
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Also, you're not limited to builder designated uses for your spaces. For example, the linen closet may better serve to hold games, photo albums and books. Make your home work for you. The more you organize your house to suit the needs of your family, the more that house feels like a home.

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 It has been a pleasure spending time with all of you. I really enjoyed my time at the Inspiration Cafe! Thanks so much for having me. Y'all come visit me anytime at www.mrshinesclass.com 

 See you in class, Mrs. Hines   


  1. Mrs. Hines I have loved this series! You've really given me some great tips on getting all the clutter organized. Thanks so much! We've loved having you!

  2. You've broken down organizing our spaces into simple steps that make perfect sense! I am about halfway done with my crafting space/office and I cannot wait to show you what it looks like when I'm done. Just give me a "minute" to pretty it all up first ;) Sharon, it's been a pleasure having you here to share your tips! Come back any time. :)

  3. Thank you Heather and Sherry. I delights me to know that you have enjoyed the series as well as benefitted from it. Sherry, I can't wait to see your craft room. Thanks again for having me!

  4. Sharon you have rocked this series. Thank you so much. We cant wait to have you back xx Nat

  5. Thank you, Natalie! That's so encouraging to hear. I look forward to coming back!

  6. Such a great series, Sharon! Thank you so much for all your great tips! I plan on using several of them this Spring :) It was such a treat to have you hear at the Cafe - THANK YOU!!!