Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Old Clothes by Deja Vue Designs

We're welcoming Tammy of Deja Vue Designs to Inspiration Cafe today.  
You're gonna love her!  She's got great style.

Meet Tammy!

Hi! I'm so excited to be a guest on the Inspiration Cafe! I need to pinch myself! lol I mean....gah Sharon Hines writes for them! I bow down humbly! First let me just say, I am an art junkie. If it has to do with art, I'm in! The really sad thing is, I believe everything in life came from an artist. This makes it hard to decide what to focus on. My main goal is to teach and inspire everyone I encounter love and appreciation for art of all forms. I LOVE to take used up junk, that no one else wants and give it a new life, and usually a new purpose. I find something very satisfying about saving anything from going into the trash. That might explain today's post. ANYHOO.....let's get the show on the road! :)


Old Clothes

Last week I told y’all what I did with my Goodwill pillow and used sweater.  Old clothes are useful in a lot of ways.  For the pillow I used the body of the sweater, and I told y’all that later I’d use the rest of it.  Well, today, I’m using the sleeves.  This was just pretty much a given for me.  There wasn’t a doubt in my mind what these little darlings would be used for.
sleeves off of old clothesHere are the sleeves from last week’s sweater.  The only thing I did before I cut them off of the sweater, is zig zag right up against the seam.  That way there would be no fraying.  Then I went out and bought some clear elastic.
elastic for faux stalkings
I got some white too, because they only had one pack of clear, and I didn’t want to waste the clear on the bottom of the project.  It won’t ever get seen.  I could probably get by with very little elastic in the top of the sleeves, my calves are full-figured.  But my daughter, well, she’s not full-figured anywhere, and they wouldn’t stay up on her.  This made me think, that even with my calves, over time the knitted fabric would stretch.  This is the main reason the top got elastic at all.
I took the sleeves and sewed the clear elastic in the end that was where your arm stuck out. and the white went where the shoulder went.  This is what I got:
 faux stalkings from old clothes
How cute is that?
A faux stalking!  I just LOVE the little finish it gives these boots.  Aren’t boots so yummy!  It’s the one thing about winter I DO like!
faux stalkings from old clothes
I just think these things just give the most elegant look to this boot.  My daughter wouldn’t play dress up for me.  All I could get is one leg out of her!  :(
You get the idea.  Next, we’ll find a use for the neck of those old clothes.
faux stalkings from old clothes
Would you use these?  Do you have an old sweater that you could do this with?
Love Y’all!


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  1. Thanks again for having me! I have just enjoyed your site immensely! Thanks!! ~Tammy

    1. Thank you so much for being here Tammy! You have great style. These are darling...I love how the sweater you used is has an open weave which gives them a romantic look. You already know how much I love your blog and makeovers! So we are thrilled to introduce you to our readers and hope you can come back and share again.

  2. How cute are those?! Perfect timing too...I just found a hole in the neck of my favorite sweater and was about to get rid of it! Now if I just had some cute boots!! Off to check out that pillow you made! Thanks for sharing this at the Cafe today!

  3. Love this idea! Some of my boots are stiff at the top. This would soften that problem up AND look great! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love this idea! It's so cute and fashionable. Getting to wear boots almost redeems these winter months. ;)

    And thank you for sweet compliment.

  5. Tammy, I love this idea! It's so cute and fashionable. The sweater really does add a lot to the look of the boot. Wearing boots is one of the few things I enjoy about winter too. Thank you for the sweet compliment. That's awfully kind of you to say.

  6. Very cute! What a great use for an old sweater!

  7. I love this!! What a great tip. I need to get some cute boots just for this!

  8. So cute!!! I love this look, what a great idea!!! Thank you for visiting with us today Tammy and hope you come back again xx Nat

  9. This is a very pretty idea--thank you for sharing!

  10. Hi Tammy!

    I love your boot adorable and such a great share! I want to do this for myself and my daughter, I know she would love this for her boots!

    Thank you so much for visiting and sharing at cafe!

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!