Friday, February 1, 2013

Tough Love Leather Earrings

Hola! My name is Vanina and I am from Argentina. I am a stay-at-home mother of a beautiful girl, Paloma. I live in a funky home in Oakland, CA, with my husband Michael, my dog Juancho and Bob The Super Cat.

I make stuff with my hands that make me and other people happy, reusing and salvaging things as much as I can to make good for the planet. I believe that you can boost your happiness through creativity!
I created Mother Crafter to share fun tutorials, stimulus, and information(in English and Spanish) about living a design-conscious life on a low budget. And to keep me sane while staying at home. Ha!
I hope you will find creative ways to enhance your lifestyle in this blog and feel inspired by it.

Fourteen days to Valentine's Day. Whaaaaat?! I started my annual DIY Valentine series with these leather heart earrings I made with scraps of leather and Gilder's Paste my craft fairy sent me (that would be my aunt Melissa). I confess I haven't heard of Gilders Paste before she introduced it to me, but I found it very interesting! I definitely want to experiment more with it in the future. These earrings are pretty easy to make and they will be the perfect companion to a leather jacket, or a rocker outfit . You will need:
  • A leather scrap.
  • Gilders Paste.
  • A punch or leather needle.
  • Chain, jump rings and earring hooks.
  • Jewelry tools
Mother Crafter Tough Love 

 Cut four hearts out of the leather. Apply Gilders Paste to them. Do not use a lot, just a tab in your finger will go a long way. If you want a distressed look you can rub the paste with different intensity in different places. Let it dry. Note that the instructions says you can polish it for a shinier look, but I didn't.

MC Leather Earrings 

Make a hole with the punch or the needle. I made holes in the center for two of the hearts and for the other two I did it in the right corner side. Now cut your chain to the length you want (mine are 3 inches and 1 ½ inches, two of each). Connect the hearts to the end of the chains with jump rings. Lastly, connect them to the hooks.

Mother CrafterLeather EarringsMother Crafter LeatherEarrings 

 You are done! I think they came up pretty cool! They have a tough chick look.
MotherCrafter Leather Earrings 

Thank you for letting me share with you today. I hope you’ll swing by to check out my blog! You can also find me on Facebook and Pinterest!


  1. Vanina!!!! These are AMAZING!! Love Love Love!!! xx Nat

  2. Wow! Those are crazy cool! Fun project and thank you for guest posting here at the Cafe today!

  3. Very fun! My daughter has these cute little biker boots...I think those earings will be perfect for 10 years. :)

  4. Thank you for the love comments and for having me! I would love to come back :)

  5. These are SO COOL, Vanina!!! Thank so much for such a creative share at the cafe! Such a treat to have you here! I hope you came back again....looking forward to seeing what you share next! I'll be visiting your blog!