Saturday, March 9, 2013

Inspiration Cafe Wrap Up Week #8

Well another week seems to have flown by and here's what the Inspiration Cafe girls have been doing on their own blogs lately......

Natalie is part of an awesome facebook group called Bead Soup Cafe 
and you can read about that in her post Bead Soup Party.
She's also been crazy busy this week because those beautiful eyes belong to her son who is turning 8 today.  Eight is a BIG deal and she's throwing him an awesome party!

Mary has dazzled us once again with 2 awesome recipes:
Crazy Cake - no eggs, milk, butter or bowls...seriously, what's not to love about that already? 
My Most Requested Salad Recipe - just go won't regret it!  It's so full of wonderfulness!

Considering that Mel's week started it out with Bunkbed Horrors, she actually finished off quite nicely.  She made some Paper Earrings, by accident and a cute Washer Pendant.  She always cracks us up with her Wet Your Pants Wednesday posts!  Then she put on those amazing hot pink boots and went someplace awesome to finally get an answer to an age old question.   Wanna know where she went and what she found out?  Click HERE!

Danni started out the week with a St. Patrick's Day Challenge from a friend.  She's getting ready to co-host an awesome link party with a few other bloggers whose names you might recognize.  It's called Tongue-in-Cheek Tuesday, where we all poke just a little fun at ourselves and you are all welcome to join in! She finished out the week with some Spring Flowers for a Buck and did a wordless post on making a Spring Candle.    

Heather has a lot going on lately at her blog, first, she's heating things up with some Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting that she made on the stove.  Then she cooled things down by making some Very Low Carb French Vanilla Ice Cream.
 Heather is also running an awesome series on her blog for people who have never quilted but think they might want to start!

You might want to check this whole series out by starting at the very beginning......
and on top of all of was Heather's turn to share something with you here at the Inspiration Cafe......

That's what we've been up to this past week.....
what did you do for fun?

Have a great weekend!!

 Nat, Mary, Heather, Danni and Mel

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