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No green, no problem. How to avoid the pinch this St. Patrick's

st patricks rosette tutorial
Hi, it's Heather from The Beating Hearth and I don't own...well, let me think about it for a sec...yup...anything green.  This is a problem come St. Patrick's Day because my family likes to pinch me for it.  I have a solution.  You've probably seen these fabric rosettes all over the place and I figured they'd be just the thing to keep the pinches away.  I'd never made them before, but dang, are they easy...and fun!  All you need is some fabric and some glue and some way to affix them to your person, whether you attach them to a barrette or make them into a brooch or a bracelet!  Aha!  Take that pinchers!

Here are the easy instructions and the best part is...NO SEWING...unless you make them into a barrette...and even then you could probably glue it.  They will look a bit rustic as you are not fnishing the edges so there may be a bit of fraying.  I'm okay with this.  Remember to customize these beauties to suit your likes.  The rosettes above are what I would call medium.  Here are the instructions for a medium-sized rosette.

1.  Cut a strip of fabric approximately 40" x 2"
2   Fold that piece of fabric in half, lengthwise.  The reason for this is you are going to be twisting the fabric around and around itself...if you didn't fold it in half, half the time you'd see the wrong side of the fabric...not good.  I also like to twist the fabric around itself quite loosely, this gives your rose more definition and gives it the look of individual petals...sort of.  You can twist it tightly, it just looks a bit softer.  Personal preference here.
3.  Tie a knot at one end.
4.  Start twisting the fabric around itself and around the knot.  Gluing every quarter turn, I would say.

When the rosette gets to be the size you want, you have to finish it.  Just make a final twist around the strip of fabric and then fold the remaining tail underneath the rosette and glue this in place.  You will have a bit sticking out (most likely) so just trim it off. Done and done!

I like the look of the roses when I combine two different fabrics.  To do this, just sew two strips of fabric, right sides together....and proceed.  The glue I used is's like a hot glue gun...without the hot and the gun.  But, as you can might end up with glue finger.

Finished products.  I made myself a brooch.  I would recommend using a brooch pin, instead of the safety pin I used, but it worked.  For My Youngest, I took a length of ribbon and made 3 tiny rosettes and turned them into a bracelet.  For these I cut my fabric 15" X 1" and then glued them onto the ribbon.  Easy.

And you could make a barrette.  I just took a clip, used some embroidery floss and sewed the rose to the barrette.

Now for the outtakes...thanks to my lovely model...Enjoy.

Oh wait...there's more.  Oh, there's more.  I'm not going to say it's a miracle that I got any good shots...but it's a bit of a miracle.  My kids were busy turning my living room into a spider web...right then.  Very bad timing on my part.
Hopefully you enjoy this little tutorial and try making these rosettes.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Heather these are adorable and that model is just too darn cute! What a wonderful easy to follow! Nice job...great projects!

  2. I love these, Heather!!! So adorable--->both the rosettes and the model!!! Awesome post & tutorial!!! Love it!!! Pinning!!!

  3. The tiny rosettes on the bracelet are simply beautiful along with the model!

  4. Arrrghh the cuteness factor is too much!!!! I didnt know these rosettes are so easy to make! I will have to make a few now - and I bet I'll get addicted!!! Fab tutorial Heather xxx

  5. So pretty Heather and such a gorgeous cheeky looking model you have there :)`

  6. Looks beautiful, Heather! I love your little model...she is so sweet.

  7. Great post and pictures! So cute!

  8. These are great and you make it seem so easy. Love that sassy model.

  9. I'm definitely going to try this!! Love it. I've been looking for an easy tutorial :)

    I'm a new follower from Mop It Up Mondays! Stop by if you can :)


    1. Holly, sorry I didn't email you, but you're a no-reply blogger. I'm so glad you stopped by and hope you enjoy making these, they're lots of fun!

  10. Beautiful with a great tutorial -- cute little model too! Thanks so much for sharing on Busy Monday!