Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rothko Inspired Art - Polka Dots and Paisley

Hello Inspiration Cafe readers. I'm Al from Polka Dots and Paisley. Thanks for having me here today to share a project that I posted several days ago.

I'm really thrilled to be here at the Cafe with you today sharing my Rothko Inspired Art. It started when I saw this Rothko Rip Off. I loved the simplicity of it and decided to make some of my own. Please keep in mind I am not an artist nor do I have aspirations of being one. However, I like art and really can’t afford to buy pieces for all my space.

First I took the cardboard from the back of the frame. That’s what I used as my background. While it was apart I spray painted the frame white.

Next I painted the white. I went all the way around and drew a line across each page. I made a point of not having it perfect and left some wonky lines and edges.

The I added my wide rectangles. There was no rhyme or reason. I just went with what I was feeling.

I thought that would be the end but I still felt like I was missing something so I added the few smaller rectangles inside the wider rectangles.

There you have it; cheap and easy artwork that can be customized to match your colours. Feel free to stop by Polka Dots and Paisley and check out some of the other art projects I've made for my house, like my bathroom drip art, orange and blue art, or tree art.  


  1. Hi Al: I think these are amazing, and the colours are great! These are fun and funky. Love them!!

  2. What a fun idea, I love your pallet too beautiful

  3. Al, what a fun piece of art! Love the bright colors and you cannot beat the price! Using the cardboard from the back of the frame was a great idea! Thank you so much for guest posting here today!

  4. I love this idea...and the fact that you used the cardboard in the frame...sounds like what i would do. Fun project!

  5. Thanks for having me! It's always a pleasure to be a guest at the cafe.

  6. Al you know how much I love this!!!! I am still gonna copy you xxx

  7. I love this! I have an ugly old painting in a great frame....I might have to try this! Thanks for the inspiration!!! Thanks so much for the great share at the Cafe, Al! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!