Thursday, April 11, 2013

Microwave Chocolate Ganache Cake - Kreative Creationz

We are so excited to have Kendra from Kreative Creationz here today, sharing her awesome Microwave Chocolate Cake...
I love just about anything that can be microwaved, especially desserts. I recently learned how to make a lemon -strawberry cake from scratch in the microwave. Since, one of my husband’s favorite desserts is chocolate cake (second to my peach cobbler) I decided to try to make one in the microwave. What can beat a yummy, moist chocolate cake with creamy ganache with less than a three-minute cooking time? Nothing! This recipe made two servings. Enjoy!
4 Tbsp. Granulated Sugar
3 Tbsp. Butter, Melted 
 2 Tbsp. Cocoa Powder
 2 Tbsp. All-purpose Flour 
2 Large Eggs 
1 Tbsp. Water 
 ½ Tsp. Vanilla Extract 
 ¼ Tsp. Baking Powder 
 Pinch of Salt

3 Tbsp. Sweetened Condensed Milk  
½ Oz. Semi-sweet Chocolate Squares
¼ Tsp. Vanilla Extract
 In a medium bowl, mix all ingredients for the cake, until batter is smooth. Pour half of the batter into a microwavable ramekin and the other half into a second ramekin.

Heat for 1 minute 20 seconds. Set aside and let cool.

Place all ingredients for ganache in a small microwavable bowl.

Heat for 1 minute. Stir ganache, until completely mixed.

Pour ganache onto the center of the cake.

Using a tablespoon, evenly spread ganache to the edges of the cake.

Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve.


  1. Oh now that looks delicious! I'm thinking this might be my breakfast this morning!!! Love the idea of the easy ganache on top...yummm! Thank you so much for sharing it at the Cafe this morning!

    1. You're welcome, Danni! I think my husband at the last of mine for breakfast this morning, too.

  2. Yummy! Is it too early in the morning to make this??


  3. Oh wow!! I love how simple this is and how delicious it looks. Love chocolate ganache!!!

    1. Hi, Heather! It is so moist and yummy. I hope you like it!

  4. Oh my, yummmmm! And all in the microwave?! Less than 3 minutes to cook?! PINNING!!! Your photos are so great Kendra! What a yummy, awesome share at the Cafe! Thank you! :)

  5. I'm glad you like it, Mary! Thanks for the pin!

  6. So delicious Kendra - I really will try this !!!!

    1. Hi, Natalie! I guarantee that you will love it!

  7. That looks seriously delicious! I love anything chocolate, and I am going to have to try this!!

  8. Replies
    1. The microwave recently has become my best friend when cooking desserts. Enjoy!

  9. I am absolutely trying this this afternoon!!!

  10. I am absolutely trying this this afternoon!!!