Friday, June 28, 2013

Men's Remodeled T - Stone Cottage Adventures

Marci is here today from Stone Cottage Adventures... 

How exciting to become part of the Inspiration Cafe team!  I just can't stop grinning about it!

I have a new project for you, but first, let me set the scene!
Basic T-Shirts are a staple for Summer.  They are comfy and cool.  I struggle to find T's that fit because, well, let's face it.  This Old Gray Mare just ain't what she used to be!  I'm short.  I'm curvy and I'm not a size 2.  (sigh)  My budget isn't all that great either.
My solution?  Remake men's T-Shirts into ones that fit!  Sometimes I get lucky and find good ones at yard sales or thrift stores.  Have you noticed those packs of men's T's that are something like $10 for four shirts?  Those are GREAT for remodels.
Last August, I figured out how to turn a T into a Tank.
It saw a lot of wear when our temps were so brutal in late summer.

 Lil Fashionista got one, too!  Check it out here!
This graphic was a total score from Yards and Yards of Yard Sales and only cost $2.00.  It became A Boatneck,  my favorite shirt for grocery shopping early in the morning.  (Oh, and by the way...  If you are one of the people who wear their pajamas to the store, please stop it.  Sew yourself a cute T and get dressed.)

If you are interested in the other T-Shirt Remodels, check out my Sewing Page.

Are you ready for today's project?

It is a Maxi Dress!

All you need is:

one T-Shirt (two if you mess up the first one)
Fabric for the skirt

A Shirt or Dress that fits to use as a pattern.

 (Brace yourself.  My hair is naturally curly and it's really humid today!)


 I found a three pack of V neck T's on sale for only $5.00!  Score!

The first thing you need to do is try on the T you are going to remodel.  Does it fit anywhere?  I liked the fit of the collar, so I left that part alone. 

Using the same technique for My Basic T, I placed a dress I like on top of the T for a pattern.

I cut down and sewed the sides to fit.  The next part was kind of tricky.  Wanting an empire waist dress, the first try was cut  WWAAAYY  too short.  (It's a good thing I had three shirts!)  Back to the drawing board.  On the second try, I cut it about three inches longer and that worked out well.  What can I say?  My chest is about the size of Connecticut. 

Make sure the top part fits before adding the skirt.  You may have to start over!  'Just sayin'.

 I was torn about adding sleeves or not.  Thanks to messing up the first try, I experimented with cutting the shoulder just a little long.  I like that smidge of a cap.  I think I'm leaving the dress sleeveless.  I don't know.  Maybe I should cut it right and add a sleeve.  What do you think?

Next, the funky red fabric (found at a yard sale from Pickin' Time on 59  for 50 cents  WOO HOO!)  was measured about 1.5 times wider than the bottom of my remodeled T.  The red fabric was sewn up the sides to form a tube and then slightly gathered until it was the same width as the top.  With right sides facing, they were sewn together. 

Even with having to completely make over the top, this project only took one evening!


I picture this dress floating as I walk along a beach at sunset. Wait.  We don't have beaches in Arkansas.  Maybe I can wear it to Farmer's Market?

It's comfy, cool and vibrant!  Perfect for Summer!

Do you think I should change the sleeve?  What about accessories?  Which jewelry?  Belted, or no?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

What is your favorite summer outfit?

;-)  -Marci


  1. I love that dress! Marci, i need your help with some of my tees!

  2. You are so trying to tempt me to sew! The shirt is great and the price is a total score, but that dress is seriously awesome! I wouldn't change a thing! A belt would make it less comfortable in my opinion! As for jewelry...well Natalie has a ton of could whip something up to match!

  3. I love all of these projects!!!! I hate wearing mens shirts. They fit me all wrong, so this gives me great ideas! Thanks for posting!

  4. Really great dress Marci! My mom did this with a couple of t-shirts way back when and I remember claiming one for myself and it was so comfy. I so have to do it myself, thank you for reminding me. Also LOVE the t-shirt refashion for a little girl - now I can keep my son's ts for my girls!!!

  5. Love your shirt & maxi dress, Marci! Your up-cycle of the mens shirt is adorable, so great, prefect fit! I can't believe you got the red fabric for the maxi dress for 50 cents! I can just see you strolling from booth to booth, picking out produce at the Farmers' Market in that cute dress :) I think a belt would be adorable! Great share!

  6. you look marv-a-lous darling! Great tute, great finished dress. As someone with naturally curly hair, I feel your pain! :)