Thursday, June 6, 2013

Food Bowl Mat Tutorial - Clippie Dips

Amy from Clippie Dips  is here today....

Hello all! So glad to be back! I always enjoy my time here at the Cafe! I've got a really easy project for you today so if you're a beginning sewer, THIS is the tutorial for you! It really does not get any easier!

-fabric scraps
-fusible interfacing (could use batting)
-sewing machine
-rotary cutter, mat and ruler (optional)
-fabric marker

You first need to measure the area your pet's food bowls sit on. Mine has a stand that was around 12 1/2" x 6". I didn't want mine to have any overhang, so I only added 1/2" to each side. This tutorial will be done for my measurements so keep that in mind.

Cut (2) 13" x 6 1/2" pieces out of your fabric scraps
Cut (2) 12 1/2" x 6" pieces fusible interfacing or batting

When you're done, you will have 4 pieces as shown below.

Now, center the 2 interfacing pieces onto the back side and iron them on. They should look like this when you're done.

Place your pieces right sides together as shown.

Mark a 4" opening along one of the longer sides. You will not sew this part.

Pin and sew all the way around leaving the 4" opening you just marked.

Clip your corners....

....and turn right side out. 

Now, top stitch all the way around the outside.

I top stitched a second row of stitching as you can see in the photo below.

And you're done! I used 2 different fabrics so I could flip mine over when I wanted a change!
 You must make one! Seriously, this project will only take you an hour- or less! Have fun! 


  1. Amy this is so cute and so easy to make. I can see myself using this tutorial to make cute placemats! Awesome post!

  2. I love it! There are always strange drips around our cat's bowl. (what is that cat doing?!) This would be a perfect solution. Thank you! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Amy you've done it again! My dog is a pig..okay he's just a dog, but he eats like a pig and I could sure use this! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. So cute and it adds just a touch of flair around your pet's food dishes. love it!

  5. Cute. My dogs are messy so we use a plastic placemat that can be washed regularly but these look much nicer.

  6. I have a cat, that eats like a dog!! I could really use one of these, or a few, actually to make them interchangeable. I would never have thought of making my own, but what a great idea!!

  7. Amy that is so pretty. I don't have animals (unless you count toddlers LOL)

  8. This is cute! I have cat dishes almost just like that - I should make this!

  9. I have a dog and really need one of these! So cute! I MUST MAKE ONE! OR TWO! Thanks for ANOTHER awesome share at the Cafe, Amy!!!