Thursday, June 13, 2013

DIY Inspirational Sign - Kreative Creationz

Today Kendra from Kreative Creationz is here to share a gorgeous DIY sign...


Everybody who knows me knows that I love my wall of quotes. There is just something about waking up in the morning and walking down stairs and the first thing I see is my wall of quotes. There are times when I need a little inspiration to get my day started or even times when I just need to smile. Even though I’ve had most of my inspirational signs for a couple of years, I still catch myself stopping to read every single one. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but it makes me happy. What doesn’t make me happy is the price some of my quotes cost. Luckily, I bought most of them on sale. I still don’t want to pay for something I know for sure I can do myself. That’s where this little crafty project came in. The wooden cutout was only 97¢, the scrapbook paper was only 17¢, and the stencil was $3. Everything else I had on hand, so this craft is definitely a money saver! It’s my first go at stenciling, so please don’t be too harsh if you see some mistakes. Practice makes perfect, right? I have a few more that I will practice on this week and I will share once they are complete. I hope you find this craft inspirational, but before we get started I want to share with you some other quotes I have around my house. Enjoy!
What You Need:
1 Wooden Shape Cutout 
1 Sheet Decorative Scrapbook Paper 
Acrylic Paint 
Lettering Stencil 
Mod Podge 
Spray Sealer 
Wall Mount 
Glue Gun  

Trace the outline of the wooden shape onto the back of the scrapbook paper then cut out the shape. 

Apply two coats of paint to the edges and part of the front of the wooden shape with a color that coordinates with the scrapbook paper. Let completely dry.

Using the same color of paint and the sponge brush, stencil the letters onto the front of the scrapbook paper cutout. Let completely dry. 

Apply one coat of Mod Podge to the front of the wooden cutout and then place the scrapbook cutout onto the front of the wooden cutout. Turn cutout front side down, so that the scrapbook paper can dry flat. 

Once dry, in a well-ventilated area, apply two coats of spray sealer and let completely dry. 

Using ruler and pencil, draw a horizontal line on the top back of the cutout where you would like the wall mount positioned. 

Apply hot glue to holes on wall mount where screws would be (this wood was too thin to use the screws) and glue mount along horizontal line. 

Let glue dry and hang sign using a nail.



  1. Kendra I have a about a million ideas for what to put on you have inspired me with a little direction on background for them! Thank you! I love these and I've pinned them1

  2. Kendra this is great! I have been thinking about making myself a little may have given me the get up and go to do it.

  3. I too have a wall with wooden quote signs....I just love it. I get so many compliments on them when people see them for the first time! :) Rachel Beal

  4. Ha I'm making a sign today..but it's not wooden, still same principle applies thanks for guesting for us xo

  5. Kendra, you really make this look easy and you hand made sign fits right in looking completely store bought!! I agree the inspirational sayings can really keep that positive spin on your day. Love your sign ~ Amy

  6. Oh, wow! How beautiful! Thank you for all the tips! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  7. These signs are so great, Kenrda! I just love them - they look like they came from a boutique! What an awesome tutorial and share! You've inspired us! Thank you!

  8. Thank You Kendra!!! You sure made it look easy enough for me to start my sign projects soon... Thanks Again... Caroline