Thursday, August 15, 2013

How to Make Decorative Bows - Grace Grits and Gardening

Talya is here today from Grace Grits and Gardening...

The next time you wrap a gift, why not make your own bow? This creative process is a simple way to recycle magazines, newspapers and scrap paper.

For my two examples, I used scrapbook paper and a magazine page.  

Cut the magazine page into nine strips, ¾ inch wide. Leave three of the strips the length of the magazine page (about 9.5 inches long). Cut one inch from the top of the next three strips. Cut two inches from the next two strips. Cut the last strip three inches long.
magazine page

The same method is used for any type of paper. Measurements do not have to be perfect. I guestimated.

scrapbook paper
Loop each strip and staple through the center or secure with tape or glue.

The smallest strip will make a single loop for the center of the bow.

Stack and layer the pieces, adhering with tape or a staple through the center.

Easy and personalized!

Grace Grits and Gardening


  1. Talya, I love this! I'm pinning it too because I know I'll need it at Christmas! It would be a great scrapbuster for all those little pieces of wrapping paper left over!!

    1. Yes! I made the animal print bow out of leftover scrapbook paper. I save every ribbon and piece of paper - never know what you can make with it!

  2. I love this!!!! I really enjoy putting personalized touches on gifts and this is perfect! Great post!

  3. I too, love personalizing my gift packages, especially with inexpensive materials, you can't get much cheaper than newspaper! Great idea, Talya, I can't wait to put it to use:)

  4. Oh that's a really cool idea I have so much scrap book paper!