Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kidding Around Series~Black-Out Scrape Pages

Hi, everyone!  It's Heather from the Beating Hearth here for my turn on this fun series!  I instinctively decided to do an art project for this series because my kids make a lot of art at our house.  A lot.  In fact, so much so that Daddy quite often has to take their art to...we'll call it "work".

I guess I don't know what these are really called.  So I am calling them black out scrape pages.  You'll see what I mean in a minute.  Trust me, they are a lot of fun...and a good way to keep kids occupied for at least 10 minutes.  Maybe 20 if you're really lucky!

1.  Color all over a piece of card stock with a rainbow of colors using crayons.  It needs to be heavy-duty paper because you are going to scrape away the layers of black crayon with a nail. 

2.  Once you have covered the entire page, cover over your beautiful colors with a heavy coating of black crayon.  Thick.  Try and cover up the previous layer completely and thoroughly.

Start scraping away at the black crayon and exposing the rainbow colors underneath.  When you create, keep in mind it's fun to play with light and dark.    And just start scraping.  Anything goes!  I would recommend scraping over newspaper...the black wax gets everywhere.  The girls had fun and so did Mom!

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  1. Crayons always make me feel like a kid and I still love them! This looks like fun Heather and you all did a great job!

  2. This is very cool. Reminds me of Zentangling.

  3. Awesome Heather, I remember doing this as a kid, I think Madeleine would live to have a go at it :)

  4. Love this idea Heather - I am so doing it with the kids this Summer xxx

  5. What a great lazy day project for kids! I have a boat load of nieces and nephews and we are always looking for ideas to keep them occupied at family parties, this one is perfect! Thanks, Heather!

  6. Oh my goodness, that looks like so much fun. And I love that it has the potential to keep kids busy for 10 minutes maybe 20 :)

  7. I remember doing this!!! I loved how this brought back memories. Thanks!

  8. OH, I used to LOVE doing this when I was a kid!