Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hanging Bookshelves - A Few Miner Adjustments

How to Make Hanging Book Shelves

(Made by my dad)

My dad is a master wood worker. It's true.  He would probably say otherwise, but he's just modest.
He converted his garage into a wood shop years ago 
and when he isn't at the golf course you can usually find him in there.
He has made breathtaking pieces of furniture and we are lucky enough to own some ourselves.
Kinda feels like we won the lottery... yeah, free furniture!

Anyway, a few weeks ago dad was cutting some wood on the table saw.
After 22 years of doing this, it was just another ordinary day of woodworking.
But that day ended differently. very. differently.
Although the blade of the saw is only just visible above the table, for some reason, 
as he pushed the wood through his thumb got in the way.
What?!? His thumb?!? NO!!!

He cut his thumb {felt the blade moving back and forth too...blech}, but don't worry. 
It is functioning and still attached to his hand.
This is a blessed moment of luck, I believe. A warning to us all...power tools do not discriminate.
So what does this have to do with these book shelves, you might be asking?
Nothing. Nothing at all. But let's face it...having hanging book shelves are way better than a hanging thumb.

Now hold onto your fingers!
Here's how to make the book shelves...

Thanks for making these, Dad!
We give this project....two thumbs up!


  1. Trina, those shelves are awesome! I love that they are so narrow and take up little space. Sorry about your husbands thumb. YIKES! Glad he didn't lose it! My FIL lost a finger to a saw and then built himself something to push the wood through with.

    1. Thanks, Danni! My son loves them too!

      It was actually my dad who cut his finger. He does have something to push the wood through, but for some reason and he can't figure it out either...he didn't use it that day. He jokes that he had a mini-stroke for a few seconds and that is how he cut himself. I think he jokes because it scared the pants off him!

  2. Ohhh, I got a belly ache reaching that. urrgghh! Pretty shelves though.

  3. Ohhh no your poor Dad. When I was a kid I worked in a Deli and took a chuck out of my finger on a meat slicer. I swear it was like slow motion I looked down saw the hole and blinked and blood everywhere. Well this post has brought back fond memories LOL Great tips on the shelving so worth it, thanks for coming.

    1. Ouch, Mel! I have never had an injury like that...thank goodness! It is scary!

  4. Your poor Dad Trina...but I do like those shelves!