Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Personalised Birthday Favor Bag - Mother Crafter

Vanina from Mother Crafter is here today...

Last month I made drawstring bags to use as birthday favors for my friend Julieta's daughter, Emma, who turned two years old.

Mother Crafter Birthday Favor Bags 

She wanted to give bags that people could keep as a memento and use for other purposes as well. We were thinking of decorating them with a fish stamp because Emma likes fish. But then Julieta thought about making them more personal and let Emma paint on them. Brilliant idea! Super cute and surely a nice memento. So we went shopping for fabric and bought a nice rich purple cotton and orange and yellow ribbons for a dramatic contrast. And then Julieta bought fabric paint in those colors too.  

Birthday Favor Bags Mother Crafter
 There is a ton of tutorials for drawstring bags online, but I chose this one from In Color Order because a) it is very simple; b) it has great directions, and c) I liked the square bottoms. For the strings, we decide to go bi-color to make it more fun. They turned out gorgeous! Everyone thought the idea was mindful and unique, and they were so happy to get the bags with goodies inside. She put some bath toys and crayons for the kids, and yummy chocolate bon bons inside  the ones for adults.
 MotherCrafter-Birthday Favor Bags
Mother Crafter_Birthday Favor Bags

Aren't they adorable? Don't you think it is very special to have a toddler add his/her personal touch to the bags?

Mother Crafter Birthday Favor Bags

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  1. Vanina, I think those bags are really cute and the personal toddler touch makes them extra special!

  2. I love this, and having the kids decorate their own bags is the best. I try and do this every Halloween, buy a canvas bag and let the girls decorate it however they like.

  3. They're delightful, what a fun goodie bag to take home!

  4. What a little one would love the most is that he or she decorated it themselves! Love how you matched the draw strings to the paint color, nice touch!!