Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Update your Dull Bathroom Furniture into Stylish Eye-Catching Pieces - Helen Davies Interior Design

Today we welcome Helen from Helen Davies Interior Design, with some great tips on brightening up your bathroom...

Bathroom furniture is essential. Believe me. I tried going streamlined and minimal, but without any storage options, my bathroom was under siege from cosmetics and toiletries in no time at all. The only issue seems to be that great cupboards and cabinets tend to be a little dull, a little bland, so here are few ways to brighten up your bathroom furniture, and add a little charm and character all of your own.

Bathrooms have long ceased to serve only their traditional function and are now a symbol of comfort and luxury, a small oasis of peace and relaxation. A bathroom is one of the most expensive and monotone rooms when it comes to decorating, it is no wonder that most people think decorating bathroom suites is a big expense. Contrary to popular belief, bathroom updates can be simple, easy and functional.
When it comes to bathroom colours, for small bathrooms all variants of white and soft pastel shades are ideal. A bathroom that is painted entirely in one tone will not only be very trendy but it is the best way to visually increase a small bathroom. Paint your old bathroom furniture in bright colours, use stencils and give your furniture some personality, make sure to coordinate your furniture, you don’t want a rainbow of colours in your bathroom even if the kids would like you to! Try the shabby chick look, this is one of my favourites!

To give your furniture the traditional look, add some ceramic tiles to the sides of your vanity units and storage cupboards. In addition to monochrome tiles, there are those that are pronounced with floral designs and colours, which due to the dominance are set only on smaller surfaces or as wall borders, perfect for your furniture revamp. If you are feeling super creative use old broken tiles to create your own stylish countertop mosaic. Add some pretty draw pulls and handles to finish off the look.

Open wall shelves are not the best solution for small bathrooms, because they create a sense of chaos and overcrowding the space. It is an area that should always be neat, clean and tidy. Make them more stylish with solid firm fabric with patched pockets to store small items.

In every room the finishing touches have the last word in creating the desired effect and sometimes only changing the colours of towels or a plant can quickly, cheaply and effectively update your bathroom. Interesting containers for liquid soap or scented bath salts, a vase of cut flowers, candles... only your imagination is the limit.
Helen Davies is a keen blogger, Pinterest addict and currently works as a freelance writer for Better Bathrooms


  1. Helen, these are some great tips for updating a bathroom. I especially like the one about adding some ceramic tiles to the furniture. I do have a question about the open shelving. I'm a little unclear on what you mean about adding fabric and patched pockets to shelving. Do you have an example of this? I do have a small bathroom and your tips will come in handy when I am updating it this summer! Thank you so much for guest posting here at the Cafe today!

  2. Helen, what great tips!1 When I redid my small bathroom several years ago, I went way overboard with color. I've toned it down since then, but still need to make a few updates. I like your tip on using monotone colors, this will send me in the right direction, for sure. All of your images are beautiful examples ~ Amy

  3. Love the yellow make up table. I want that! Thanks for posting here!

  4. Helen, I am totally in love with the door pulls! Thanks SO much for sharing!

  5. Lovely post Helen - I love those drawer knobs - such a simple yet effective idea for a quick update.

  6. Hi Helen, Such great ideas and tips...I love those knobs! Glass knobs are my all time favorite! Thank you so much for sharing all these great ideas for updating a bathroom. You given us great inspiration at the Cafe today! Love your post!

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