Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shimmering Bath Fizzies - Kreative Creationz

Kendra from Kreative Creationz is here today to share her lovely recipe for bath fizzies...enjoy!

I must be stuck on having a spa day really soon. Recently I wrote about my Coconut Body Scrub and Aromatic Bath Salts. Now I have these beauties for you!

  What girl doesn’t love bath fizzies? Just imagine leaning back in the tub and dropping a couple of these babies in and listening to the soft fizzle while it releases your favorite fragrance. I can imagine it right now! And the best thing is that they are shimmery. Enjoy! 

 What You Need:

1 Cup Cornstarch 
1 Cup Baking Soda 
½ Cup Citric Acid 
¼ Cup Scented Shimmering Body Lotion 
5-6 Drops Food Color (I used 4 Yellow Drops and 2 Blue Drops) 
Spray Bottle 
Mold (I used a candy mold and it worked perfectly)

Directions In a large bowl, mix cornstarch, baking soda, and citric acid.
Fill spray bottle half-way with water. Add lotion and food color to spray bottle. Shake well. *Optional: You may add 2-3 drops of essential oil at this step for more fragrance.*

Spritz cornstarch mixture with water. Add water slowly while mixing with your hands. Continue mixing and spraying until it holds its shape when squeezed in your hand. 

Firmly press mixture into mold cavities. Remove as many air bubbles as possible.

Let mixture dry for 2-3 hours before removing from molds. Store in airtight container.


  1. Kendra these look fab-u-lous!!! Wow I need a few of those beauties. What a great Mother's Day gift idea too xx Nat

  2. I love bath fizzies Kendra! I have never made them, but I'm about to pin them so i can in the future! What a great project!! Thank you for sharing it here today!

  3. Kendra, what a cool, fun post! I love your bath fizzies!!! This would make the best gift! I'm with Danni, I never thought to make my own, thrilled to have your tutorial - what a fun project! You always have the best shares for the Cafe! We are so lucky to have you! Thank you!!! :)

  4. These are fun to make- even kids love making them!

  5. I am sooo making this! thank you!